Artificial intelligence in disease diagnostics

We develop software, which provides an understanding of the origin of your disease. We discover unknown patterns in genomic data allowing us to explain your disease and suggest best therapeutic options for you.

We gathered some of the best bio-artificial intelligence specialists in the world. By focusing exclusively on the entire genome (we don’t use gene panels) as a rich source of information – we extract the key data specifically for you.

We provide a range of services related to personalized genome analysis for patients with rare or cancer disease.

Artificial intelligence - game changer in the world of medical diagnostics

In the past, the decision to use a specific drug or treatment, depended on relatively limited information, often influenced by the subjective judgement of the individual physician.

Today, Artificial Intelligence allows us to analyze vast amount of data and accurately identify factors, which can be decisive in determining response to certain drugs.

That allows doctors to select the most beneficial treatment options for the patient. Best decisions are made by combining information from the patient's genomic signatures, disease history and present health.

Why is MNM Diagnostics the right partner for you?

Evidence Based Medicine approach

Our technology is based on our scientific knowledge. You can read our publications here.

Whole genome sequencing (WGS)

Comprehensive view of the unique pathogenic variants and structural alterations in cancer genome with full analysis of oncogenes, tumour suppressors, and risk factors.

Artificial Intelligence

We're example of how humans and technology can work together. AI is a tool which can help in areas where human capabilities remain limited.

Whole infrastructure

We have all the necessary infrastructure to provide the highest quality services.

Proven methodology

The effectiveness of our methods has been confirmed in real-life. Some of our cases are described here

Winning team on board

Our staff consists of people from leading world universities and research centers

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