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HRD score

Homologous recombination deficiency testing for PARP inhibitors-based targeted therapy

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State-of-the-art genomic profiling of cancer tissue dedicated for assessment of the HRD score in ovarian, breast, prostate and pancreatic tumors.

HRD score is based on whole genome sequencing assay detecting pathogenic variants in all DNA repair genes and structural rearrangements associated with homologous recombination deficiency.

For whom?
  • For cancer patients with unknown BRCA1/BRCA2 mutational status
  • For cancer patients who are negative for germline BRCA1/BRCA2 mutations but can still benefit from PARP inhibitors therapy
  • For clinicians willing to reassess their patients after first line of treatment.
What you will get
  • Profiling of all known DNA repair genes
  • HRD score with a clinically significant cutoff of HRD proficiency or deficiency
  • Possibility of further in-depth tumour profiling with our MNM Onco services
MNM Origin

Genomic diagnostics for undiagnosed diseases

The information encoded in DNA is responsible for every feature of our body and its functions. We can access this information through whole genome sequencing.

This product is for those who suspect that they loved ones have a genetic disease. A genetic defects can manifest either in the first few years after birth or in the later stages of human life.

For whom?
  • For those who suspect they have a disease with the genetic origin or there is a high possibility they are carriers of faulty genes
  • For those who are recommended by their physicians to do an entire-genome test as the most advanced way to detect genetic defects
What you will get
  • Whole genome sequenced and thoroughly analysed
  • Consultation with genetic counsellor
  • In case we will not find the cause of your disease you will receive (free of charge) regular reanalysis as new genomics findings are reported at incredible speed.
MNM Onco

Pan-cancer profiler

Product coming soon

If you know how the tumour started, then you know how to fight it. In Pan-cancer profiler, we analyse the entire DNA of the tumour and compare it to your own healthy genome. We focus not only on genetic variants but also examine structural changes, gene fusions, mutation signatures and unique genomic scars which inform underlying processes often informative for treatment selection. It allows us to understand the mechanisms behind oncogenic transformation and disease progression and may lead to effective therapy selection.

For whom?
  • For patient with a recent diagnosis of any malignant tumour
  • For those suffering from recurrent or resistant oncological disease
  • For clinicians and healthcare providers seeking the better quality of molecular diagnostics for cancer patients
What you will get
  • Complete report of germline cancer predisposing variants
  • A list of all driver mutations specific for patients type of tumour
  • Analysis of genomic signatures representing defects in crucial molecular pathways
  • Description of structural variants and copy number changes which might be driving cancer progression

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