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Tumor sample storage

Storage of fresh tumor sample in our propriety buffer. The biological material collected during surgery or biopsy is stored in special conditions to preserve the integrity of genetic material.  

For whom?

  • For patients with ovarian cancer, pancreas cancer, breast cancer or prostate cancer who are going to have surgery
  • For patients who want to have access to advanced whole-genome diagnostics opening possibilities of personalised therapy
  • For medical units that want to provide their patients with access to the most advanced genomic diagnostics

What do you gain?

  • Tumor storage in optimal conditions for several years, so that it is available for diagnostics when necessary
  • Access to advanced genomic diagnostics necessary to understand genetic cause of cancer
Whole-genome diagnostics

Pan-cancer profiler

Whole-genome based diagnostics that replace all currently available genetic tests. We use DNA isolated from a freshly stored tissue sample for sequencing and analysis to gain complete information about genetic cause of cancer and support doctors with information that helps in selection of personalised cancer therapy.

For whom?

  • For patients with ovarian cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer or prostate cancer
  • For patients who want to undergo the most advanced cancer genetics diagnostic methods available
  • For doctors who want to learn about genetic cause of their patient’s cancer and personalise their therapy

What do you gain?

  • Genome-wide analysis for genetic variants associated with cancer
  • Confirmation of the detected pathogenic variants with the second diagnostic method
  • Clinically useful report on pathogenic germinal and somatic variants with detailed description
Companion diagnostics



Diagnostics tests utilising whole-genome analysis and machine learning to qualify more patients for PARPi personalised treatment and increase the length of their lives, superior to currently available tests.

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