About us

We have created MNM Diagnostics to help people understand their genetic background and use this information to fight diseases. Our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in DNA chemistry and cell biology, with AI and machine learning to provide cutting-edge genome analysis and develop new approaches to personalized medicine.

Our mission

We believe that every person should have access to the information encoded in his/her DNA. This information will help people to prepare to fight diseases which may occur during their lifetime.

Traditional genetic testing uses less than 0.1% of the information contained in our DNA, and focuses on identifying mutations in a handful of well-understood genes. The remaining 99.9% of DNA contains useful diagnostic information, but is ignored by other testing services due to its complexity.

At MNM we are combining next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS) technology and our unique algorithms with cell biology and mouse models of genetic diseases, to decipher this information and create personalized diagnostics for individual patients.

Our team

Our team of engineers, scientists, medical doctors and genetic councillors published more than 200 articles (including research papers in Nature, Science, Cell) and three patents.

Who dares wins

Dr Paweł Zawadzki

CEO and co-founder

After obtaining an inderdisciplinary PhD in 2009, he spent multiple years as a postdoc at Oxford University in Departments of Biochemistry, Physics and Oncology. From 2017, as an assistant Professor at Department of Physics, Poznan University ( Link), he leads a research group focusing on DNA metabolism. Author of numerous publications in prestigious journals (link: Link).
Now building MNM Diagnostics to help people use information encoded in their genomes to improve their health.

MSC Katarzyna Zawadzka

Lab Head

Before starting MNM Diagnostics, she worked for many years at the Oxford University as a Research Scientist, where she gained a scientific knowledge, independence and wide variety of research skills. [link z google scholar – Link. As a co-founder and lab head of MNM Diagnostics she wants to understand better the origin of human diseases and find the way to fight them.


Keep going. Be all in.

MSC Alicja Piotrowska

After obtaining M.Sc. in Biotechnology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan ( Link), she started an interdisciplinary PhD program at Division of Molecular Biophysics, Poznan University ( Link). She contributes to an authentic research experiences in the laboratory of MNM Diagnostics to develop a cutting-edge approach to personalized genetics.

What we offer

We offer patients a thorough analysis of their entire genome, providing an understanding of the causes genetic diseases, including of rare and unknown diseases.

Furthermore, our whole-genome analysis can provide guidance for personalized therapies for patients with diagnosed cancer, which can reduce side-effects and increase the efficiency of current treatments.

MNM Origin™


Find the cause of your disease and learn how to treat it

Statistically, up to 3% of the population has a genetic defect; these can be metabolic, developmental or intellectual. MNM Origin provides information about the cause of the disease, based on the analysis of the genome of the patient, and their parents’. Thanks to this, we are able to establish the direction of medical treatments the patient should take, and thus we help to make the correct therapeutic decisions.

MNM Info™


MNM Diagnostics offers bioinformatics consulting for business, public, legal and clinical partners. We offer sensitive data storage solutions following the highest confidentiality and security standards. We support large spectrum of DNA and RNA projects from in vivo and in vitro studies in human, mouse, rat and other model organisms.

MNM Onco™


Effective selection of personalized anti-cancer therapy

If you know how the tumour developed, then you know how to fight it. In MNM Onco, we analyse the genome of the tumour. The comparison with healthy genome (from the same patient) provides information that is used to select the most effective therapy for the patient in question.


Brewing the ideas
February 2018
Beginning, seed capital investment
March 2018
Opening of the laboratory
April 2018
First tissue culture experiments with cancer cell line
May 2018
First genomes isolated and sent for sequencing, announcement of a partnership with clinical partner Diagena
June 2018
Setting up server and pipeline analysis for whole genome analysis
July 2018
Analysis of first genomes, first patient genome analysed, first child with rare disease accepted for trial testing
August 2018
Y Combinator Startup School, Mountain View, California, USA
September 2018
Submission of licensing documents
October 2018
MNM Diagnostics presented in Silicon Valley and ASHG 2018, launch of MNM Origin™
December 2018
R&D grant submitted
January 2019
Opening of the MNM Clinic in Poznan

MNM Diagnostics sp. z o.o.
Wielkopolska Centre For Advanced Technologies
ul. Umultowska 89C
61-614 Poznań, Poland

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