MNM Diagnostics Leadership

Unity is strength

Our interdisciplinary team combines expertise in DNA chemistry and cell biology, with AI and machine learning to provide cutting-edge genome analysis and develop new approaches to personalized medicine. We work together toward a common vision. This interdisciplinary environment allows us to achieve impossible.

Paweł Zawadzki
Founder, CEO, chairman

After obtaining an inderdisciplinary PhD in 2009, he spent 7 years as a postdoc at Oxford University in Departments of Biochemistry, Physics and Oncology. From 2017, as an assistant Professor at Department of Physics, Poznan University (Link), he leads a research group focusing on DNA metabolism. Author of numerous publications in prestigious journals. Now building MNM Diagnostics to help people use information encoded in their genomes to improve their health.


Katarzyna Zawadzka
Co-founder, LabHead

Before starting MNM Diagnostics, she worked for many years at the Oxford University as a Research Scientist, where she gained scientific knowledge, independence and wide variety of research skills (Link). As a co-founder and lab head of MNM Diagnostics she wants to understand better the origin of human diseases and find the way to fight them.


Małgorzata Stawicka

For over 20 years she has been exploring the field of genetic predisposition to breast and ovarian cancer.
She has been responsible for implementing the National Program for Cancer Prevention which aims to identify and provide comprehensive care for high-risk groups in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.
Co-founder of several Genetic Clinics in Poznan, Poland. As an expert in genetics she collaborates with many national and international Clinical and Diagnostic Institutions.


Paweł Sztromwasser

Bioinformatician with nearly a decade-long experience in analysis of sequencing data, including hundreds of patient exomes and genomes. After obtaining a PhD in bioinformatics in 2014 Paweł has applied and developed cutting-edge bioinformatics tools to facilitate better and faster diagnosis of rare disease patients. Using experience gained at Center for Medical Genetics and Bergen University Hospital (Norway), as well as Medical University of Łódź, Paweł is leading a team of bioinformaticians and software developers at MNM Diagnostics.


Patryk Urban
CBDO, co-founder

After completing his degree in Economics, Patryk participated in multiple business initiatives and projects. However, his biggest achievement to date is creation of SiePomaga charity (Link), which helps patients crowd-fund their expensive medical treatments. His main goal as a businessman is to make the world a better place. Now involved in MNM Diagnostics as a co-founder and business angel.