The future of personalised diagnostics is now

We help people understand their genetic background and use this information to fight diseases.

We find the cause of the disease in the sequenced genome

Scope of traditional DNA test
MNM Diagnostics test

A genome is a complete set of human DNA, comprising the sequence of more than 20 000 genes. Traditional genetic testing uses less than 0.1% of the information of our DNA, and focuses on identifying mutations in a handful of well-understood genes. The remaining 99.9% of the DNA contains useful diagnostic information, which is usually ignored by most testing services due to its complexity.

Knowing the genetic origin of your cancer is the key to finding a proper solution

The genomic profile of each person's tumour is unique. Detected changes may determine how your disease behaves and why it grows. Traditional antitumour drugs have not been adjusted to tackle specific changes in your cancer genome. New revolutionary approaches to fight cancer are based on clinicians recommending treatments relaying on knowledge about genomic profile of your tumour.

We use the most advanced artificial intelligence technology for cancer diagnosis

We're using advanced and innovative software tools for rapid and effective early disease diagnosis, prediction and prognosis. Using Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML) platforms, we have developed proprietary algorithmic solutions to analyze genomic data to provide deep understanding of the cause of your disease.


We provide comprehensive genetic care

Knowledge and understanding of genomics is changing rapidly. It is important to have a trusted partner who understands technology, risks and testing options. We work with you and your physician when you consider or want to discuss results of genetic tests.

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